All customers are highly valued by our organisation and as such, we must set guidelines and boundaries that protect both our business and our customers.  As ALL items displayed on our website and those ordered under Insurance claims are in effect "COMMISSIONED WORKS OF ART" and the purchaser is entering into a contract to have the item MADE TO ORDER, the following Terms and Conditions apply:


Customers acknowledge that when they commission Murano Art Glass Australia to produce a piece of Murano Glass to be made from scratch from each relevant furance in Venice that produces these items, they acknowledge that once the order has been placed, they OWN this piece and cannot return it to us as we cannot RESELL what they have ordered.


NO REFUNDS will be given if you have simply changed your mind under any circumstances for ANY goods ordered through and by Murano Art Glass Australia.  As we cannot return any goods made to order / customised / commissioned / special order witht the furnaces that make each and every piece, neither can the customer return them to us nor request a refund.  Once the order has been placed and payment has been made, you the customer has made a committment to or MADE UP YOUR MIND to proceed with the purchase. Customers acknowledge that by placing an order with Murano Art Glass Australia, that when their order has been received and we have made payment to the furnace in Venice, that will specially commission their chosen piece, that they will NOT be entitled to a refund under any circumstances as they have COMMISSIONED, Customised / Made to Order piece which has been made solely for customers.  The product they have chosen is unreturnable to the furnace in Venice and it would be deemd that any change to their initial order would be deemed that the "customer has changed their mind"


The NO REFUNDS policy also applies with any items ordered by Murano Art Glass Australia as per the following - Australian Consumer Guarantess Guide states:

Which services are not covered?

Services not covered by consumer guarantees include:

>    services bought before 1 January 2011. These are covered by statutory implied conditions and warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and state and territory legislation in force before 1 January 2011

>    services costing more than $40,000, which are for commercial use – for example, installation of farm irrigation systems or factory machinery repairs

>    transportation or storage of goods for the consumer’s business, trade, profession or occupation

>    insurance contracts.


Customers acknowledge that Murano Art Glass Australia is given full permission under its trading rights to order products on behalf of the customer that are as close to the original as possible.  With any mouth blown glass, there are differences that cannot be avoided as this is the nature of mouth blown glass products.  Customers who place an order with us to have their items replaced under insurance, authorise MURANO ART GLASS AUSTRALIA to secure products that are as close to the originals as possible allowing for the fact that furnaces in Venice do no always notify us of changes to their inventory.  SPECIAL NOTE - Tre Fuochi wares will be replaced with items of a similar or greater value than those indicated in the customers claim.  If an exact replacement is not possible, customers acknowledge that by their insurer accepting our formalised valuation, that we may replace their item with one of similar style, value, decoration and sizes.

VALUATION FEES - both Insurance and Non Inusrance related 

A valuation fee of $550 AUD is payable for items valued at $5000 AUD or less and 10% of the final valuation for items in excess of $5000 AUD.  If for some reason the client decides not to proceed with having their item replaced as per the detailed Valuation, then for items valued at less than $5000 AUD, our valuation fee of $550 AUD is payable with 7 days and for items valued over $5000 AUD, a valuation fee of 20% of the final formal valuation figure amount is payable within 7 days. 


Australian Consumer Guarantees guide - "Acceptable quality"

IAW the Australian Consumer Guarantees guide - Murano Art Glass Australia as a supplier and manufacturers guarantees that all goods specially commissioned by its customers are of acceptable quality when sold to you the consumer.