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Murano Glass Chandelier Fakes - how to spot them

We understand that everyone wants a bargain and will sometimes spend much less than normal for a product that is a "look a like" and not the real item.

Due to their incredible popularity and worldwide appeal, Murano Glass and Crystal Chandeliers have been copied mainly by the Chinese and currently makes up 80% to 90% of the items sold. Then we need to say - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

1. No 24 Carat Gold is used on any chandelier produced in the orient. It is impossible to produce the number and styles of chandeliers with 24 Carat gold for the prices being charged.

2. Almost all Chandeliers are made with curls and spirals instead of delicate leaves, swaggers and flowers which take incredible skill honed over a lifetime of blowing glass

3. If the Chandelier looks like it has been coated in Gold, this is not the case as the glass has been coated and this coating will eventually fade and wash off over time.

4. It is illegal for ANY retailer to sell a chandelier as AUTHENTIC MURANO without a label or some form of identifying paperwork.

5. All genuine Murano Chandelier components are coated with either pure Silver or Gold, never electroplated as Chinese copies are. Electroplating is a process which has never been used on Murano Glass since it was first begun in 1293.

6. The central fixing disks which are where the body of the chandelier and the arms the radiate from it, are mostly made from wood and now sometimes steel in Chinese chandeliers. Fitting holes for arms are normally 2 to 4 cms in diameter, way too large for proper secure fitting of the arms.

The choice is obviously yours but if you want to purchase a genuine Murano Chandelier, then you need to buy from an expert in the industry and remain secure in the knowledge that your chandelier will grow exponentially in value in the years to come