We are the worlds largest Murano Glass dealer and as such, we are the only company in the world that are specialists in replacing lost, broken or stolen Murano Glass pieces.  Does the picture below tell the story?  It is heartbreaking to find that a piece of much loved Murano Glass has been smashed beyond repair and we have so many clients asking us is the glass repairable?  Well the simple answer is NO and the item below made from Chalcedony Glass is a prime example. You cannot join this complex glass colour again as it is impossible to match.
Please read our customer testimonials from those we have assisted previously in having their Murano Glass pieces replaced.
We hope that picture below is one that you will never see but if this has happened to your much loved Art Glass treasure, then despair no more. 
Murano Glass treasures can be lost, damaged, stolen or broken beyond repair and the resulting heartache from this loss is sometimes too much to bear. Imagine a much loved treasure, purchased from Murano as either a wedding present, keepsake or for some other special occasion. We are the only business in the world that can have almost ANY Murano Glass figurine, chandelier, sculpture or other item replaced and this is how we do it 1. Contact us and tell us the story. How was it broken and when and provide photos of the broken item in as much detail as possible. Dimensions such as height, width and depth are essential 2. Any history with the item such as original purchase price etc and which furnace it was purchased from if known 3. We then contact our network of glass blowing furnaces and prepare a quote to present to the insurer 3. You contact your insurer and lodge the claim, naming us as your authorized representative. We then deal directly with the insurer and handle the rest of the claim 4. Once the insurer contacts us, we then submit all paperwork with the amount if will cost to have your item replaced, and HEY PRESTO - That's it! Worry no more as we can replace any item in the world - NEW for OLD on your household insurance. 
We can utlise our own discretion and pay for the items you need replaced in good faith whislt we await payment from your insurer.  Once your insurer has agred to pay us, the claim is therefore settled and NO REFUNDS will be offered under any circusmtances as payment has already been made and your products have been produced.
Please contact us to find out how we can have you much love treasure replaced NEW for OLD via your Household insurance.