Venice, it's history and the city that bears it's name have long been surrounded by mystique and intrigue so we would like to give you some interesting and lesser know facts about this most fascinating and beautiful of cities that is the HOME OF MURANO GLASS 


What is meant by the term CA REZZONICO?

A wealthy Venetian aristocrat by the name of Baron Rezzonico came across a delapidated and partially refurbished Grand Palazzo which occupies a prominent spot on the Grand Canal of Venice.  In 1648, the home was purchased by Baron Rezzonico with a fervent effort to complete the rennovations and give this most grand of homes life.  Part of the decorating plan was to commission a type of chandelier that would suit the most grand of family homes - the Murano Glass Chandelier style known as "CA REZZONICO" was born.  The Rezzonico family home pictured below still stands on the Grand Canal, conserved by the the Italian Government for all to see.  The family home now has a different life, fascinating tourists from around the world with precious painting, artwork and of course the Rezzonico chandeliers which grace its rooms.




What does the word MURANO really mean?

What does the word MURANO actually mean? Well, this harks back to the 17th century when the then POPE or Rome, Rodrigo Borgia ceased the Papal Throne. "MURANO" actually means SPANISH JEW for which the then pope of Rome (ex Cardinal Borgia) was horrified when he was accused of having MURANO blood in his lineage - a fact he most strenuously denied. Yet another fascinating fact for those who have always been mystified as to the true meaning of Murano 


How long does it take for Glass Blower to earn the title of MAESTRO?

Do you know just how long it takes a glass blower to earn the title of MAESTRO? It is the longest apprenticeship of any in the world with an apprentice having to work for between 15 to 20 years with a Master before he can earn this much coveted title. Some appprentices such as Afro Celotto and Gianluca Vidal have earned this right in 12 to 14 years but just imagine studying for this length of time - INCREDIBLE. This is just why Murano Glass items are coveted the world over for the incredible skill and mastery shown by the Venetian Glass Master 

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