Patrizia Volpato Murano

We are proud to introduce Patrizia Volpato Murano, a collection of Murano Glass designer lighting which is created through non-industrial processes. Their chief component is Murano glass in decorative and innovative artistic forms embellished with cast aluminium, wrought iron or combinations of crystal and gold.From chrome-plated or antiqued cast metal to gold leaf finishes, from the beautiful art of master glassblowers to hand-cast plates decorated with glass fragments: every detail Patrizia Volpato exudes unique craftsmanship.

PATRIZIA VOLPATO: "New forms of light" The artisan tradition of Murano glass, reinforced by a creative research on trends in modern lighting and furnishings, is the soul of the catalog of lamps Patrizia Volpato, Venetian company that for over 20 years is one of the most trusted brands in the lighting of interiors for quality and professionalism. Lamps Patrizia Volpato have in Murano glass the material of choice, draw decorative shapes and embellished with innovative machining of iron, crystal and gold that uses only non-industrial techniques in all its steps. By mergers in chrome or antiqued finishes in gold leaf, from blown glass by master to the plates and decorated with hand-cast glass grit, every detail of Patrizia Volpato reveals unmistakable craftsmanship. "Our collections are designed to surprise you with their refined design and attention to detail," says Patrizia Volpato, designer company, which she runs with her son Loris. "Let's originality and creativity of our design features, reliability and credibility of our operational objectives." Attention to product quality and care of the materials, then, are the secret of the success of Patrizia Volpato, plus a strong business presence on Italian territory, with select retailers and high level of quality in all regions. It is well-known to the attention of Patrizia Volpato service: prompt delivery, reliability and after-sales service have always been recognized by customers who, in turn, pays the company with a loyalty uncommon. Patrizia Volpato, however, also means flexibility in production and total openness to the tastes and demands of the customers, for which the technical study of the Venetian designing customized solutions and tailor-made. The collections have received considerable recognition, both in Italy and abroad. Among the accomplishments "foreign", one all well describes the ability of Patrizia Volpato Lamp to translate Venetian art and culture in the light that furnishes, or the preparation of the VIP area of ​​the Harrods department store in London. Over the recent years, moreover, with the development of 100% of the sales network, Patrizia Volpato began the conquest of new markets emerging, such as Spain, France, Ireland, England, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Russia . The credit for this success is certainly due to the latest designer collections by the Venetian, in which special attention to design has helped make Patrizia Volpato a recognized brand of Made in Italy in the world



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