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Venetian Crystal

Venetian Crystal furniture and mirrors are simply stunning.   Each and every panel is hand made and backed with real Silver meaning a lustre that will last a life time.  Each panel is then hand engraved on a Diamond point wheel with a dexterity and finess that simply has to be seen to be believed.  Once finished by a Master Craftsman, each of whom are master glass blowers in their own right, the panel is acid washed to remove any grime or dirt ensuring a lustre that will simply astonish the viewer.  Please enjoy our range of Venetian Crystal furniture and Mirrors from one of the oldest Italian glass blowing furnaces in Venice

Please enjoy the video below which shows the absolute skill and sheer mastery displayed by a master Venetian Crystal engraver on his diamond point wheel, as he engraves a classical design from memory and produces and item of exquisite beauty.  All the panels you see on our venetian crystal mirrors and furniture are produced this way.

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